The following is a sample of legal services we provide:

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Family Estate Planning

Accidents and illnesses are a part of our fallen world.  It's helpful to your loved ones if you are prepared for the unexpected.  Having important documents together is a good start.  Do you have young or handicapped children?   It is especially important for you to have a properly executed will naming their guardian.  As fathers and attorneys, we understand the demands of family.  In fact, we think that it is so important that a family with young children has a will that we will do a basic will for a low-income young family for a reduced rate. Do you own a business?  Whether it's a small family farm or a good sized manufacturing company, it's essential that you understand what happens to the business if you are incapacitated by accident or illness.  We can help make sure your estate is in order by drafting or reviewing wills, trusts, power of attorney, and insurance documents.

Patents & Trademarks

Do you have an idea for an invention?  I love working with people who have a new idea.  As a patent attorney, I can advise you on your rights and help avoid a disclosure that would otherwise invalidate your rights as an inventor.  The new law in 2013--the America Invents Act--has changed the law substantially.  Let me help you protect your ideas or new product. Are you starting a new company or offering a new product?  Have you thought of a clever name that you want protected?  I work with clients to secure US and international trademarks.  I can also help maintain your existing trademarks with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Business Operations

Start-ups and small to medium sized business have to make many decisions in a day: contracts need to be written and signed, employees hired and fired, new products need to be developed, marketed, and supported.  Proper planning and review of agreements and operation procedures can prevent future problems that will inevitably cost both time and money.

Business Planning

Are you starting a new business?  You can protect yourself and your family by properly organizing your business.  Kansas makes starting an LLC very easy--maybe too easy!  Before you hit go, especially if you're starting a business with a partner, you should sit down and think through some of the possible outcomes regarding profit and loss distribution, ownership, tax, and liability implications. We are happy to work with you from simple to complex business entity formation, such as Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Incorporation, and Limited Liability Partnerships.  These discussions also often involve the licensing of patents, trademark availability and registration, and non-disclosure / non-compete considerations.

What people think of Mishler Coughlin Law

Our local business community is very fortunate to have this bright, young and capable IP attorney in our midst. Daniel has prepared several excellent IP documents and applications for us and the process has been both professional and enjoyable!