Business Services

Whether you are looking to start a small business, trademark your logo, or create a contract, attorney Daniel Coughlin can assist you. With his help, you can create a plan for your business and protect your intellectual property. Our services include LLC formation, licensing agreements, patents, and trademarks. Flat fees are available for most of these services.

Business Formation

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) gives you the same limited liability as a corporation. In addition, you have the benefits of flexible management for one or more owners. An LLC can also be a useful tool in estate planning, especially when coupled with a revocable trust. Daniel will take you through the process to establish and register your LLC. In addition, he will counsel you in your options for LLC management and ownership and assist you as you prepare an operating agreement.

Patents and Trademarks

If you have a company logo to trademark or an invention to patent, let Daniel assist you. With his help, you can complete the process of applying for a patent or registering a logo smoothly and professionally. For information on trademarks as well as provisional and non-provisional patents, please visit this page.

Licensing Agreements

Do you already have a patent, trademark, or other intellectual property? Or, are you a business looking to manufacture or produce a patented item? If so, Daniel can assist you in forming an agreement for the manufacture or use of the product or mark. This may include licensing, assignment, or joint development agreements. Or, this could involve the forming of a new LLC.

If you would like a free initial consultation about any of our services, including a flat fee estimate for your project, please contact our office at 785.284.2843. We look forward to serving you!