Estate Planning Services

While important, preparing legal documents may seem daunting. Coughlin Law Office will walk with you as you take the necessary measures to provide for your loved ones. After you provide the information necessary, Attorney Daniel Coughlin will draw up the document for you to approve and sign. Our available services include wills, trusts, living wills, and powers of attorney. Descriptions include the flat rate for each service.


It’s never too early to begin preparing for what will inevitably, and often unexpectedly, occur. A will describes your wishes concerning the distribution of your assets. In the event of your death, your property and assets will be distributed according to the directions in your will. To begin the process, please fill out the Will Questionnaire and return to our office at your convenience.

Individual Basic Will: $175.00

Living Wills

In a living will, you specify the end-of-life treatment you wish to receive. If you would like certain treatments withheld, a living will allows you to express those wishes.


If you own farmland or a business, consider using a trust. Creating a trust allows the designated trustee—whether yourself, a spouse, or a relative—to control the assets you transfer to the trust. You can also specify a successor to manage the trust upon the death of the current trustee. In comparison to a will, a trust is private and less expensive at probation. To begin the process, please fill out the Trust Questionnaire and return to our office at your convenience.

Basic Trust: $1800.00

Powers of Attorney

Who will make decisions on your behalf if you become disabled? A health care power of attorney enables you to choose who will act on your behalf in case of illness. When you become disabled, your power of attorney can make decisions regarding your end-of-life care. Similarly, a financial power of attorney enables a designee to make financial decisions for you. When you are no longer able to make decisions, you can rest assured that your agents will be enabled to act on your behalf.

Healthcare & Financial Powers of Attorney: $150.00

Additional Pricing


Will, Healthcare & Financial Powers of Attorney: $350.00


Will, Healthcare & Financial Powers of Attorney: $450.00

For more information about our services, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact our office at 785.284.2843.